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Introducing SFI

Meet the team. Robert Strauss, JD, is the creator of Self-Financed Insurance (SFI), and has spent much of his career focusing on risk mitigation techniques to finance premiums effectively yet responsibly. Hint: it's not all in the design.

Chris Jacob, CFP, is an expert in leveraged solutions, and drawing comparisons between alternative asset classes.

NextPoint Counsel Andy Weinhaus, Esq. has years of experience as General Counsel to several a large life insurance company, is the Managing Partner of his own tax law firm St. Louis, and teaches a graduate class in deferred compensation at Washington University.


About NextPoint

What is NextPoint?

NextPoint Solutions, LLC is the Advanced Solutions Branch of The Pinnacle Group of Jacksonville, Florida. NextPoint was founded in 2018 by Robert Strauss, JD and Chris Jacob, CFP for the specific purpose of helping financial advisors achieve optimal planning objectives for their clients. Accordingly, all strategies are designed not only to perform, but to address and minimize any associated risks. 

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The Team

The Team

Teamwork: the ability to work together toward a common vision

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